Municipality of Burgos

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Municipality of BurgosArea : 1,904.5385 Ha

Population : 3,851 


On the northeastern portion of Siargao Island, facing the vast Pacific Ocean, lies the small town of Burgos. It has six barangays, namely, Poblacion 1, Poblacion 2, Bitaug, Matin-ao and San Mateo. The total land area is 1,904.5385 hectares with a population of 3,851 as of 2007 (NSCB).

The pioneers of Burgos were the families coming from Mainland Mindanao, Bohol, Leyte and Sapao now Sta. Monica. These were the families of Cagas, Salvation, Dumanjog, Espanto, Macaldo,Malinao, Nogaliza, Domiňos and Virtudaso. They settled at the opposite side for fear of moro pirates attack. This place was called Sipan, near the mouth of Matin-ao River. Those dwelling in the coastal areas were in Kapun-an surrounded by huge big trees and rocks sometimes called Pook.

When the Spaniards came, they lived  in Unidad, a Sitio. Afterwards, it was renamed Barangay Burgos in 1925 during the American regime with the seat of  Municipal Government in Numancia now Del Carmen.

As Sapao became a district town in 1995, Burgos applied for a township status with the assistance of Congressman Reynaldo P. Honrado who requested President Diosdado Macapagal to approve it.  His Excellency issued Executive Order No. 293. dated November 29, 1965, converting and declaring Barangay Burgos into a municipality.

Unfortunately, a Supreme Court injunction was filed by former Senator  Emmanuel Pelaez, regarding the 77 newly created town in the whole country. It was terminated as a town on February 17, 1966, lasting for only two and half months.

The dream and sacrifices of the residents were finally redeemed when President Ferdinand E. Marcos, through the efforts of the dynamic and political kingpin, Congressman Constantino H. Navarro Sr, signed into law RA 5093 on June 17, 1967 which created Burgos into a seventh class municipality.


Area            : 1,904.5385 Ha

Population        : 3,851 

No. of Barangays    : 6

Classification        : 6th class municipality; partially urban

Municipal Officials    : RAYOS, SULUETA P. - Mayor



The municipality  is situated in the northeastern part of Siargao Island, facing the vast Pacific Ocean. Approximately, it is located 9 degrees and 58 minutes to 10 degree and 3 second north latitude and 126 degree 3 minute and 30 second to 126 degree 5 minute and 20 second east longitude.  It is bounded in the north and east by the Pacific Ocean, west by Sta. Monica and south by San Isidro. It is the farthest town of Surigao del Norte.

It is composed of six barangays, two urban barangays in the poblacion area and four in the rural areas. Barangay Pob. I, Barangay Pob. II, Barangay Baybay, Baranagay Bitaug are along the shoreline while Barangay Matin-ao and Barangay San Mateo are in the hinterlands but are accessible by land transportation.


Sunrise Beach Resort

The resort is an ideal place for picnics, and outings. It features a diving board, picnic huts, cottages and lodging house. It’s a perfect venue for scuba diving, wind surfing and other sea sports activities. From Surigao City one can take a fast going ferry to Dapa where passenger vehicles such as PUJs goes to Burgos. Travel time is approximately 4 hours. Another route is, to take a pump boat from Surigao City going to Sta. Monica where habal-habal motorcycles  are plying to and from Burgos. Travel time is approximately 4 hours.

Duhay- Puerta Cave

This place is just a few meters away from Sunrise Beach. This double entranced cave has rock formations and configurations that are beautifully sculptured by mother  nature. It is located in the mountainous portion of the coastal area overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean. It can be reached by a boat during high tide and by foot during low tide. 

Fresh and Cool Spring

A fresh and cool spring flows out from the sea and is located 50 meters  from the shoreline. It can only be seen during low tide. Residents in the nearby area use the water from this spring for drinking, cooking and washing.  

Surfing Area

The strong waves  from the Pacific Ocean is one of the unique features of the town. Surfing enthusiasts call it “Cloud 69”. The area is located in Barangay Poblacion. 


The municipality of Burgos is celebrating its annual fiesta every 25th & 26th day of  July in honor of its Patron Saint,  Sra. Sta. Ana. This is a very colorful celebration. There are parlor games, cockfights, dances and other activities. 


PUJ from Burgos going to Sta. Monica is available at 3:00 A.M. to catch with the fastcrafts going to Surigao City. The return trip is at 1:00 PM to fetch passengers coming from Surigao City.    PUJ from Burgos going to Dapa , on the other hand, leaves as early as 3:00 a.m., with four other trips at regular intervals until noontime. 

Habal-habal notorcycles are also for hire to any point of Siargao Island but each trip is good for four passengers only .

Article Source: Municipality of Burgos


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