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Surigao State College of Technology: SSCT

Surigao State College of Technology: SSCT

Courses Offered

Graduate School Program
  Master in Industrial Technology
    Architectural Drafting Technology Electronics Technology
    Automotive Technology Mechanical Technology
    Civil Technology Foods Technology
    Electrical Technology  
  Master of Arts in Education
    Mathematics General Science
    Filipino English
  Master in Information Technology
    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering  
    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering  
    Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering
    Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering  
    Bachelor on Secondary Education
(Major in: Mathematics, English, Biological Science, Physical Science, Filipino)
    Bachelor of Elementary Education  
    Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education – Ladderized Education Program
(Major in: Foods and Service Management)
    Four Year Vocational Secondary School Laboratory (with Specialization)
    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Ladderized Education Program
    Bachelor of Science in Information System  
    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science  
    Diploma of Technology: (Major in Information Technology
  COLLEGE OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY – Ladderized Education Program
    Bachelor in Automotive Technology Bachelor in Electrical Technology
    Bachelor in Electronics Technology Bachelor in Mechanical Technology
    Bachelor in Drafting Technology Bachelor in Welding and Fabrication Technology
    Bacherlor in Refrigeration and Airconditioning Technology
    Associate in Automotive Technology Associate in Electrical Technology
    Associate in Electronics Technology Associate in Mechanical Technology
    Associate in Drafting Tchnology Associate in Welding and Fabrication Technology
    Associate in Refrigeration and Airconditioning Technology
    Automotive Servicing NC II Motorcycle/Small Engine Servicing NC II
    Driving NC II Building Wiring Installation
    Machining NC II Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC II
    RAC (PACu/CRE) NC II Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)NC II
    Plumbing NC II Consumer Electronics Servicing NC II
    Commericial Cooking NC II Food and Beverage Servicing NC II
    Baking/Pastry Production NC II Computer Hardware Servicing NC II
    Bartending NC II Housekeeping NC II
  Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology
  Bachelor of Secondary Education (with Specialization)
  Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education (with Specialization)
  Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  Four Year Vocational Secondary School Laboratory (with Specialization)
  Bachelor of Secondary Education (with Majors)
  Bachelor of Elementary Education
  Bachelot of Marine Biology
  Bachelor in Fishery Technology – Ladderized Education Program
  Four Year Vocational SEcondary School Laboratory (with Specialization)

Source: SSCT

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Deped Siargao

Siargao Division Profile

Deped SiargaoThe DepEd Division of Siargao is committed to produce healthy, literate, self-determined citizens who are God-loving, culturally sensitive, environment conscious, equip with quality and competitive basic education, capable of contributing to the sustainable development of the islands.

The Division lays the foundation for life-long learning, delivers service for the common good, promotes desirable values and attitudes sensitive to the culture and history of the islands, reserves its environment being a protected area and encourages linkages between and among parents, local government units and the community as effective partners in the implementation of DepEd’s Programs and Projects.

It has been in existence for the past forty-four years (44). It was created under Republic Act No. 4696, sponsored by then Congressman Constantino C. Navarro, Sr. approved on June 18, 1966. It started to operate on August 25, 1967. Presently, twelve (12) districts composed the Division namely: Burgos, Dapa East, Dapa West, Gen. Luna, Numancia East, Numancia West, Pilar, San Benito, San Isidro, Sapao, Socorro East and Socorro West. There are twenty three (23) Public Secondary Schools, one CHED Supervised and one Private Secondary School.

The organization started when Superintendent Alfonso Cureg of Surigao del Norte issued a division memorandum for the creation of the Division of Siargao on August 18, 1967.  The memorandum mentioned the coverage of the new division and the composition of the skeletal force (5 clerks, 1 administrative officer, 1 supply officer, 2 janitors) where Mr. Jesus M. Catre, General Education Supervisor 1, was designated  as the Division Superintendent by the Director of the Public Schools.

Congressman Constantino C. Navarro Sr. sponsored the Republic Act No. 4696 creating Siargao Division as separate division from Surigao del Norte and was approved by the Congress on June 18, 1966.  The Division of Siargao began to function independently on August 25, 1967. DepED Siargao has been in existence for the past forty seven (47) years.  Presently, there are twelve (12) districts that composed the division namely: Burgos, Dapa East, Dapa West, General Luna, Numancia East, Numancia West, Pilar, San Benito, San Isidro, Sapao, Socorro East and Socorro West. There are twenty five (25) Public Secondary, one (1) Supervised CHED and two (2) Private

Siargao Division is composed of  two major islands, Siargao Island and Bucas Grande where the Municipality of Socorro is located. Siargao is located in the “ring of fire”, the Pacific Ocean reachable either by Roll-on, Roll-off (RORO), a cargo boat and a passenger boat or either a smaller pump boats like the Britphil and Dapa Express. At the most it takes more or less four hours to reach the island landing at the pier of the Municipality of Dapa.



  1. Burgos
  2. Dapa East
  3. Dapa West
  4. Gen. Luna
  5. Numancia East
  6. Numancia West
  7. Pilar
  8. San Benito
  9. San Isidro
  10. Sapao
  11. Socorro East
  12. Socorro West


Elementary - Central School          

  1. Burgos Central ES
  2. Dapa Central ES
  3. Don Enrique Navarro MES
  4. Gen. Luna Central ES
  5. Sayak Elem. School
  6. Numancia Central ES
  7. Pilar Central ES
  8. San Benito Central ES
  9. San Isidro Central ES
  10. Socorro Central ES
  11. Nueva Estrella CES




















Secondary - Central School

  1. Alegria NHS
  2. Atoyay NHS
  3. Burgos NHS
  4. Caridad NHS
  5. Consolacion NHS
  6. Consuelo NHS
  7. Dapa NHS
  8. Dagohoy NHS
  9. Del Carmen NHS
  10. Gen. Luna NHS
  11. Libertad NHS
  12. Mariano Matugas MNHS
  13. Nueva Estrella NHS
  14. Oguing Navarro MMNHS
  15. Pamosaingan NHS
  16. Pilar NHS
  17. Roxas NHS
  18. San Benito NHS
  19. San Isidro NHS
  20. Sapao NHS
  21. Siargao National SHS
  22. Sta. Fe NHS
  23. Socorro NHS
  24. Suyangan NHS
  25. Union NHS

DepEd Siargao Km. 3, Dapa, Surigao del Norte

Source: DepEd Siargao 

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